Don’t Have The Time, Spare Cash, Confidence Or Flexibility To Come To Our LIVE

"Ignite Your Destiny" Event?


Don't Worry: 

Ignite Your Destiny, And An Incredible Amount of Life-Changing Value Can Come To The Comfort Of Your Own Home Instead! 

Hey, it's Cynthia Delaney here! 


What kind of woman would I be if I didn't figure out a way to make

"Ignite Your Destiny" available to everyone…


I totally understand that traveling to Arizona is a big ask for a lot of people. 


Especially if you heard about "Ignite Your Destiny" at short notice. 


(That's got expensive airfares written all over it!) 


Then, there's having to be away from your family, getting time off work, and possibly traveling for the first time ever by yourself. 


It’s a lot! 


What I'm trying to say is that I totally understand there are a multiple reasons why you may not be able to come to "Ignite Your Destiny". 




There Is No Reason In The World Why You Don't Deserve To Still Get Empowered, Discover Your Destiny, And Celebrate Everything You Are, And Can Be! 

We’re Coming Directly To  You - So Invite All Your Friends & Have A Party With A Purpose! 

"Ignite Your Destiny" is a 2-day event designed by empowered women FOR every women. 


It will help you create your best life yet, and transform you into the best version of yourself! 


Hosted by women who are experts in:


  • Mindset

  • Intention

  • Mindfulness

  • Intuition

  • Strengthening your voice

  • Knowing your worth

  • Financial abundance

  • And so much more!


We invite you to come along and connect with women from all around the world who are experiencing this event with you for many reasons: 


To fulfill their dreams, passion, ambitions together, and to be a part of something good, real and make a difference! 


You will get the information, education, training, and powerful uplifting you need to feel on unstoppable, and elevate every single area of your life.  


The 2-day recording is the START of a whole new journey that begins and ends with YOU.


There is no better excuse for some "me" time.

How Does It Work?

My amazing camera crew is primed, and ready to record the 2-days to bring you a complete 4-part viewing of our value-packed event. 


Part 1 and part 2 are from the morning and afternoon of Friday the 18th's session. Part 3, and Part 4 are from Saturday's two sessions! 


Every speaker will be recorded to ensure you don't miss the best of the action, even in the comfort of your own home. 


So, this can only mean one thing:


A huge viewing party! 


Imagine having all your nearest and dearest girlfriends getting motivated, empowered, and self-confident together? 


The energy would be electric, and everyone will feel limitless!


Because that's what's going to happen as you watch this event! 

You'll Learn From Some Of The Most Inspiring Women On This Planet: 

Cynthia Delaney

CEO / Founder of Self Made Woman

Tensie J. Taylor

Author of “BULLIED From Terror to Triumph,

My Survival Story.” 

Heather Wells

Designer and creator of LOVEthirteen

Spiritual Glamour®. 

Meagan DeSart​

6 Figure Entrepreneur

Doc Peace

Doctor in Pharmacy / Spoken Word Artist

Here's Exactly What To Expect From These Recordings…

Firstly, you'll hear from me, the founder of the Self Made Woman platform.


I'll take you through an interactive experience to find your own abundance. 


It's waiting for you!


You can listen in, as I share how against all the odds I created the life of my dreams and now, help people around the world generate abundance in theirs. 


From a limitless mindset to financial abundance I will fuel you to live your best life yet! 


I'll give you the tips, resources, and step-by-step process to becoming the best version of yourself and awakening your limitless potential. 


(Yes, you have limitless potential, and over these recordings, I'm going to help you

unlock it!)


Then, I'll challenge you to connect to your true purpose. 


I'll show you that achieving and experiencing anything in this life is a REALITY, not a fantasy like you've been led to believe. 


You were born worthy, and by the end of these recordings, you're going to BELIEVE it. 


You'll also be hearing from guest speakers from across the United States, including authors, businesswoman, and visionaries! 


These are all women just like you. 


They simply decided at a certain point in their lives they weren't going to settle.


Instead, they were going to embrace themselves, and this life, and everything it has to offer. 


Get prepared for these women to drive home the fact that we're all similar. And you are powerful beyond measure. 


We all go through a lot in life, the only thing that separates one woman from another is her choice to overcome, grow, and turn trial into purpose!  


They have all unlocked their destiny, and hold the combination for you to do the same.


On top of this, there's also some great entertainment in-store to enjoy… or to serve as a wine-break, or snack interval! 

We’ve Got The Seal Of Approval From Women ALL Around The World: 

"First and foremost I must give massive recognition and complete gratitude for Cynthia Delaney. Words fall flat in comparison to how I truly feel and how incredible she is, the lives she has touched including mine. You have to simply experience the transfer of authenticity, love, with amazing business savvy add a vision with Ignite Your Destiny Tour which is unparalleled to anything I've been privileged to be involved with. As an Inspirational Speaker and Sur-Thriverist THIS movement, Self Made, is where we all feel more love, more gratitude, absolute self worth and inspiration to share it with as many as possible! You obtain life tools, a priceless and selfless gift!!​"


Kelli Locatelli

Mountain View, CA

"Ignite Your Destiny" Event, We were all so filled with anticipation as the event drew closer & closer we knew it was going to be good we just didn't know how good~ well I'm here to say I have never experienced so much strength illuminated from real people, real life. We laughed, we cried, we felt the passion of each speaker ready & willing to pour their hearts out, to seek the lessons in each ...I'm so honored to be a part of the Self Made Woman movement."

Sherri LaClaire

Seattle, WA

"Ignite Your Destiny" was a first of its kind! I loved the super sexy outside the traditional box of empowerment conference style of presentation! The launch of SMW was WILDLY SUCCESSFUL! I came away from the event with several valuable nuggets from Jim Britt's tips on letting go in order to get ahead to the Delaney's relationships success principals.

It was an evening of the highest levels of energy, amazing talks and teachings and awesome performances!"

Cindy Goodson

Benton Harbor, MI

I attended the Self Made Woman Event in Tucson because it was time that I finally did something like that for myself. I was searching for the belief in myself that I had lost years ago. The SMW "Ignite Your Destiny" event touched me more than I had ever expected it to. The positivity and enthusiasm that I was surrounded by at this incredible event was contagious! The result was life changing! The small flickering flame in my soul that I arrived there with, ignited. It turned into a raging determined bonfire refusing to ever become a flickering flame again! The profound impact and messages these speakers had were real, heartfelt, genuine, empowering and inspirational. The laughter, the tears, the cheers, the music, the was just too much fun! They touched on so many aspects of what a self made woman is and what is means to be one. It resonates to every single woman out there across the globe. It is about women empowering women in the most positive interpretation that I have ever witnessed!!! I would recommend this event to every woman and man out there. This movement is going to change women's lives. It's going to change men's lives, and the relationships they have with each other, and self made women across the world. It is going to benefit lives in so many ways, and you are going to have a flat out BLAST at the Self Made Woman events!!!

Theresa Hopkins

El Paso, TX

"I was honored to speak at the first ever SMW event. I walked away invigorated and touched by the entire event as well as the other speaker's stories. Cynthia Delaney, Founder of Self Made Woman and dear friend of mine, has assembled some of the best trainers and speakers in the industry to help us grow in every aspect of our lives...spiritually, mentally, physically and in business."

Lauri Lewallen

Jacksonville, FL

I think Self Made Woman is changing everything! This movement is going to shatter glass ceilings that we not only face in society but within our own minds! Lives are already changing and this is the just the beginning! If you have forgotten your dreams, they will be reawakened and achievable! For over a decade this has been a labor of love for Cynthia Delaney, a truly self made woman, supported and lifted by a pair of extraordinary self made warriors, Mr. Bill and Dillon Delaney. "Ignite Your Destiny" lit the fire in everyone that attended and everyone that came in contact with our tribe! The Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resort had not seen the likes of this! "Ignite" was not just a learning experience, it was a social hour event! More like 10 social hours! This weekend was completely raw! The speakers poured into us their experiences and life lessons and showed us how to come out on top! We looked deep into our souls as we were led into transformation! I wanted to bottle every bit of this adventure to take with me! I'm excited about SMW because it is an interactive community building life long relationships. Not only will I be able to pick and choose different topics that I want to focus on in my life, I will be able to do this with the help of our experts! This inner circle will allow us to contribute to the vision of Self Made Woman! Is there any better feeling than being able to help someone else reach their goals while reaching your own? Not for me!​

Michelle Nunez

Tucson, AZ

Watch The

 "Ignite Your Destiny" Event At Your Convenience For An Incredible Cost!

If you take action between now and October 17th, you can get your hands on these recordings for just $178! 


Unlike attending the event, you can watch them over and over again whenever you need a pick-me-up or push-me-up. 


The price will increase to $287 starting October 18th, and be available through December 31st.


January 1st prices will increase to $356.


Take this opportunity to "Ignite Your Destiny"!

This Is Your Best Chance To Get All Content & Impact From This Incredible Event From The Comfort Of Your Sofa! 

Who is The Ideal Woman To Experience

"Ignite Your Destiny"? 



Whether you're 18 years old or 99 years old, single, married, shy, confident, a mom, grandma, retired, in college or anything in between!..


You need to experience this 2-day event.


We have stay at home moms, authors, health and wellness coaches, celebrities, and every other kind of women attending our events.

The Only "Criteria" We Have Is This:

Deep-down, buried under everything else you know you are capable of more.


Maybe you can't say it out loud just yet…


Maybe you can't even admit it yourself…


Ultimately though, you know you have room to grow!


If that rings true then Ignite Your Destiny is the transformational event, tribe and movement for you! 


All my love, 


Cynthia Delaney

CEO & Founder

Self Made Woman


P.S. The actual event is the place to be if you want that extra injection of inspiration, self-belief, and motivation only sitting in an audience full of hundreds of women can provide. 


There are a handful of available tickets left at super reasonable prices if you do think you can make it after all. 

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