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    SMW Focuses on What Women Want and What They Are Asking For!

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    We Bring the Balance to Your Life That Will Transform You

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    This Strong Community of Women Gives You Permission To Be You, Helps You Find Your Voice & The Power of Your Story

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    SMW Encourages You To Go For It All! Family! Global Business & Your Legacy! & Shows You How To Achieve It!

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    We Teach Women How to Embrace Their Superpower! Let Your Intuition Strengthen You!   

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    "10 Days To A New You" teaches you how to disrupt old patterns that aren't serving you and create the life you've been dreaming of!

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    SMW is a creative and supportive community of women who share in their knowledge, skill sets, expertise, and are empowering generations to excel in all aspects of their life.

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      Daily Workshops and Training Videos Proven to Elevate Your Life and Your Passions

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      Daily Tips and Resource Guides that Focus on Health, Wealth, Relationships and More

    10 Days To A New You Online Course Description: 


    - A powerful and life-changing online course that works around your schedule, we provide you with the videos and challenges that will guide you through a step-by-step transformation to your best life yet!


    - Perfect for Women who are looking to kick it up and live the best version of themselves 


    - Perfect for driven, self-motivated Women who like to work at their own pace


    - We recommend taking the challenge 1 day at a time, over the course of 10 days


    -  Invite a friend to participate in the 10 Day Course with you. The transformation that you will experience together will be exponential and sharing in the tips and resources with another woman will be a lot of fun!


    - As soon as you register, you will receive an email with your login information to the SMW Member portal where you can begin your 10 Day transformation!


    Hear From Our Self Made Women

    Cynthia Delaney - Thank You for another amazing Day in the 10-Day Course. You enlightened us and show us the way to release the BEST Self Made Women that's inside each of us. We just need to D.I.G. deep and take the action ... Walk the Walk ... to elevate ourselves. Thank you for touching each of us. And a special thanks for touching my life. YOU are incredible.

    Donnis Hiskett

    Good morning, This morning the first morning of the 10 day  weekend line up has just come to a close....I just wanted to take a moment of reflection so far...CINDY, DONNIS & CYNTHIA U were ALL AMAZING. The vision that U have Cynthia for SMW is nothing short of miraculous! This was AMAZING,BEAUTIFUL,CHALLENGING, EXCITING,KNOWLEDGEABLE and a place to GROW & is just the beginning of what is here @ SMW! This is a platform to be REAL & AUTHENTIC, to LOVE, HONOR & BUILD up WOMEN, to have each other’s backs, to SHAPE & ENCOURAGE each other thru our voices thru our experiences & thru our lives.... I am so HONORED to be a PART of this INCREDIBLE 10 days~ Thank u Cynthia Delaney for being who U are & being a TRUE friend to so many.... U have ENCOURAGED me, LOVED me & never left my side when so many others did....I LOVE U  with ALL my HEART All I can say is GET READY, grab ur pen & paper so U can take in & take to heart what is here for U~This is for women, about women & its about FREAKIN time! I’m so EXCITED for the 2nd half of the 10 day weekend lineup!

    Sherri LaClaire

    We are on to something Women! We are going to WIN, we are going to pull through, we are going to attain every goal, every dream, every aspiration, everything we are equipped to do, WE are going to do it at SELF MADE WOMAN! This weekend has been truly a gift. It has been an honor and a pleasure to listen to some of the greatest minds across this country share, and impart to us their wisdom. Cynthia Delaney, I’m telling you, there is absolutely nothing else greater in this world than the gift God has given you to give other women. We are truly grateful.

    Stacy Thornton

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