Friday, October 18th: 10am - 6pm 

Saturday, October 19th: 9am - 6pm

Fox Theater

Tucson, Arizona

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What Will You Experience at 

'Ignite Your Destiny"?

Two AMAZING days of life changing Transformations!

"Ignite Your Destiny" is the perfect balance of Love, Encouragement, Celebrating your life, and straight up Real Talk that will empower you and TRANSFORM your life!


“Ignite Your Destiny” will Wake you up to how limitless you are and give you the tools to live your best life yet! 


The first day is about letting go of the past and owning who you have chosen to be.


The second day is about owning who you want to become and "Igniting your Dreams and Your Destiny"!


Get Ready to be energized, Inspired and motivated. Expect to cry, laugh, learn, make a ton of new friends, and yes we have some amazing surprises for you!

You will reconnect with your dreams or create new ones with clarity and direction, and your goals will be more defined and attainable than ever before! The dreams and goals you've had, that you’ve been carrying around for years without any idea of what to do with them... Expect to know exactly what to do next! Then know it’s time to “Ignite Your Destiny”!

Hear From Keynote Speaker, Doc Peace

By the time that the weekend is over, you will have exactly what you need to go out and make what you have wanted your whole life, a reality!

As women, we've been programmed to put everyone first. To be everyone else’s support system…


...and as a result we put our own self-belief and dreams on the back burner. 


We all do it for our kids, partners, parents, colleagues, and friends. It's admirable, respectable, remarkable, but it's also GOT TO STOP. 


Not forever…


....just for 2 days and I promise everything will change!  


Too many women aren’t surrounded by the belief and mentorship they deserve. Too many women aren’t given the chance to celebrate themselves, not as a Mom, Wife, Sister, or friend but as an individual. 

This transformational event will leave you feeling unstoppable, laser focused on your goals, believing in your dreams, and not letting anything get in your way!

Chances are right now you're programmed into thinking, "I can't, but others can."


You'll encourage your loved ones to reach for the stars, while you sit back and watch.


Now, it's YOUR turn. 


You need to reprogram yourself to throw away uncertainty, fear, and doubt and replace it with self-worth, empowerment, and self-love.


When you look in the mirror…


You need to see a woman looking back at you who is capable of anything she puts her mind to.


It's not that the people in your life can't provide these things, it's that they don't know HOW to. 


WE DO!  


We are experts in getting women BACK to center stage in their lives, after hiding behind the curtain for too long. 


We've developed a community of women who are here to support you. 


We've got the tools, solutions, and experiences primed and ready to skyrocket you to achieving your dreams.


We are the missing piece in your life’s puzzle… 


 ...you didn't even know you needed until you found "Ignite Your Destiny".

The Story Behind

"Ignite Your Destiny"

Hi, I'm Cynthia Delaney, the founder of Self Made Woman and the creator of the

"Ignite Your Destiny" Events. 

If you didn't know me, and all you had was my bio, you'd see:  


"Successful entrepreneur who over the last 10 years has built a multitude of global businesses. They are focused on educating, training, and mentoring people in key strategies to better their life. Cynthia has sold-out events, and spoke to over 300,000 people on stage."


But, if you peel back the surface, there is WAY more to my life than that.


My life is amazing, not because I haven't had tragedy, setbacks or struggles…(trust me I’ve had tons) but because of how I dealt with them. 


The mind-shift techniques I teach at "Ignite Your Destiny" came from my own life lessons, experiences, and growth. 

You'll find out more at the event but just know this​...

I applied these powerful mind-shift techniques to myself at an early stage in my life to survive, thrive and ultimately reach my goals. 


It was that decision that changed my future forever! 


I learned you can control how the landscape of your life looks, by choosing to be focused, positive, and giving.  


You don't need to shy away from hard lessons, trials, or hardship, you need to face them head-on.


Only then will you come out: 


More empowered! More focused! More determined!


...than ever to create the life you've dreamed of.  


I am living proof that a powerful shift in mindset, a supportive and positive group of women, and the right focus can transform your life

Ignite Your Destiny Was Created To Celebrate and Elevate Women By Gifting Them What They Need Most To Succeed! 

I Want To Connect You With Your Passion, So You Can Discover Your Purpose and Ultimately Ignite Your Destiny​

For me, there is no greater reward in life.  


This isn't a "show up, and listen" kind of event. This is a "show up and change your life" experience. Nothing is off-limits. 


I won’t lie to you:


You will be hit with some tough straight-talk....


But then, you’ll be hit even harder with an avalanche of love, support, and life-changing opportunity!  


By the end of day 2 you will recognize your biggest commodity is YOU. 

You'll Know Your "Destiny" Have Found "What" You're Looking For, And Know "How" To Get It. 

That might sound scary now, but I promise you it's worth it: 

What Is Ignite Your Destiny? 

Ignite Your Destiny is a 2-day event designed by empowered women TO empower women. 


It will help you create your best life yet, and transform you into the best version of yourself


Presented by women who are experts in:

  • Mindset
  • ​Intention / Focused Vision
  • ​Mindfulness, The Art of Being Present
  • ​Intuition / A Woman's Superpower
  • Relationships
  • ​Strengthening Your Voice / You Were Born Worthy​
  • ​Embracing Abundance... And yes financial too!
  • Whole Health, Wellness & Healing
  • The Power of Self-Love
  • ​And more!

We invite you to join us, and connect with women from all around the world who are just like YOU!


Looking to fulfill their dreams, passions, and ambitions together! 

You Will...


Let Go of the Past ...

Ignite Your Abundance ... 

Ignite Your Life!



We will dance together! We will laugh together! We will cry together! We will grow together!


We will "Ignite Your Destiny"

The 2-day event is just the START of a whole new journey that begins and ends with YOU.


There is no better excuse for some “me” time.


No event is EVER the same because no group of women is EVER the same. 


We Will...

  • Help you experience an awakening you never knew was possible but is SO needed in your life ​
  • Treat you to an experience that mirrors ALL levels of an abundant life 
  • ​Give you a clear path and focused plan to living to your full Soul, Body, and Mind potential 
  • ​Show you how to capture the inner peace you are searching for, and feed your body with the ultimate fuel you need to create a LIFELONG mind-shift 


  • Teach you how to tap into the resources you already have to create a next-level version of yourself (that’s totally badass and brilliant) 
  • ​Introduce you to financial gurus so you can learn how to create an impermeable wall of protection around you and your family
  • ​Give you a complete, personalized portfolio designed to upgrade your life (complete with training materials)
  • ​Connect you with women who will become lifelong friends, confidants, and a shoulder to cry, lean, and celebrate on 

Who is The Ideal Woman To Attend Ignite Your Destiny? 



Whether you're 18 years old or 99 years old, single, married, shy, confident, a mom, grandma, retired, in college or anything in between!..


You need to be at this 2-day event.


We have stay at home moms, authors, health and wellness coaches, celebrities, and every other kind of women attending our events.

The Only "Criteria" We Have Is This:

Deep-down, buried under everything else you know you are capable of more.


Maybe you can't say it out loud just yet…


Maybe you can't even admit it yourself…


Ultimately though, you know you have room to grow!


If that rings true then Ignite Your Destiny is the transformational resource, tribe and movement for you! 


Who Will Be Transforming YOU At The Event: 

Cynthia Delaney

Mom, Wife, Founder of Self Made Woman, Entrepreneur, Performance Coach, Public Speaker, Author, Corporate Consultant. 


Cynthia has extraordinary success at achieving and exceeding goals. She creates events that resonate with women and their passions. She builds platforms and foundations to help other people succeed! It must be a Win-Win. She has built businesses around the world that focus on elevating and celebrating the lives of others.


Her passion is to open up women's minds to their limitless abundance, Cynthia has been described as an explosion of inspiration and energy. Audiences love her, she is known for being "from the heart" and relatable. 


Cynthia delivers actionable strategies and knows how to stir passion and inspire action. Her goals include seeing women thrive and living their best lives yet. Cynthia  is the visionary and founder of Self Made Woman. Her philosophy is “Live, Don’t Exist!" Life is a precious gift and should be celebrated”.



" I am looking forward to celebrating with you at Ignite Your Destiny!" Cynthia Delaney

Tensie J. Taylor

Author of “BULLIED From Terror to Triumph, My Survival Story.” 


She’s appeared on radio, television, podcast, and newspaper interviews sharing her story in hopes of deterring incidents of bullying. 


She is a presenter at the World Anti-Bullying Form in Dublin, Ireland. 


Tensie is the Assistant Director of the USC Black Alumni Association, where she directs the Legacy through Leadership Mentoring Program. 


She is also a red carpet correspondent in Hollywood, and has interviewed many celebrities including Kevin Hart and Angela Bassett.

Heather Wells​

Heather Wells is the designer and creator of LOVEthirteen Spiritual Glamour®. 


Through LOVEthirteen, Heather combines the energetic and healing properties of crystals, with the beauty and glamour of her designs to bring the wearer the full Spiritual Glamour ® experience. 


Heather is the mother of two beautiful boys who, since launching in 2015, has taken the offering of LOVEthirteen across the country, connecting on a deep and energetic level with her clientele through her designs, all while building LOVEthirteen into a thriving and successful business. 


Heather runs LOVEthirteen from her studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California with the help and support of her husband Brian, and her two boys Jordan, 12 and Trystan, 9.


Meagan DeSart​

Meagan DeSart is a wife and mom of 3 who lives in the coastal beach town of Astoria, Oregon. 


When she is not going on adventures and traveling with her family she runs a 6-figure a month Network Marketing business and is also a clinical mental health therapist and owns her own practice.


She loves water sports, travel & values healthy living and exercise as part of her daily life. 


Her mission is to truly empower women to help them overcome obstacles and live their true authentic self finding success and fulfillment no matter what their past experiences are.

Doc Peace

Doc Peace is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants who moved here to American seeking vast opportunities.


She is a Doctor of Pharmacy by trade, and a Spoken Word Artist at heart. She seeks to encourage others to pursue their passions and embrace their true naturality.


As an inspirations speaker, her mission is to spread positivity, light and love through rhythmic poetry.

How Much Is Finding Your Destiny Worth? 

Attend our 2-day event... Walk out an entirely new woman.


That’s a promise! 


You'll be completely realigned, and reminded that YOU are worthy, you are special, and you are capable of anything. That kind of thinking will propel you into new opportunities you wouldn't even consider right now... 


A new career, new relationships, your own business, improved health, traveling the world - NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! 


You will have connected with a new tribe of women who have your back.  


You will be crystal clear on your destiny, AND exactly how to fulfill it. 

How Much Is That Level Of Self-worth, Love, And Confidence Worth To You? 

According to the women who attend Ignite Your Destiny, it's priceless and the most valuable investment you’ll ever make in yourself. 


They tell us time, and time again, we charge too little for tickets. 


We don't agree…


We want every woman to have access to transform her best self, find her place, purpose, and connect with a brand new selfless support network... We call it the SMW Tribe!


Your finances shouldn't stand in your way, and neither should our ticket prices!


That's why general admission tickets are normally just $169… But...

Don't wait! Prices are Going up! Embrace the gift!

As a special bonus, we'd love to give you a huge discount on your ticket, but only if you take action and secure DISCOUNTED PRICING RIGHT NOW!


Normally just $169 for a 2-Day event ticket. Click the button below to reveal your discount now! You must take advantage before prices go up… 


Seats are LIMITED, demand is HUGE, and the discount is BIG...

Check Out What Previous Attendees And Now Totally Transformed Women Have To Say About Ignite Your Destiny: 

First and foremost I must give massive recognition and complete gratitude for Cynthia Delaney. Words fall flat in comparison to how I truly feel and how incredible she is, the lives she has touched including mine. You have to simply experience the transfer of authenticity, love, with amazing business savvy add a vision with Ignite Your Destiny Tour which is unparalleled to anything I've been privileged to be involved with. As an Inspirational Speaker and Sur-Thriverist THIS movement, Self Made, is where we all feel more love, more gratitude, absolute self worth and inspiration to share it with as many as possible! You obtain life tools, a priceless and selfless gift!!​


Kelli Locatelli

Mountain View, CA

"Ignite Your Destiny" Event, We were all so filled with anticipation as the event drew closer & closer we knew it was going to be good we just didn't know how good~ well I'm here to say I have never experienced so much strength illuminated from real people, real life. We laughed, we cried, we felt the passion of each speaker ready & willing to pour their hearts out, to seek the lessons in each ...I'm so honored to be a part of the Self Made Woman movement."

Sherri LaClaire

Seattle, WA

"Ignite Your Destiny" was a first of its kind! I loved the super sexy outside the traditional box of empowerment conference style of presentation! The launch of SMW was WILDLY SUCCESSFUL! I came away from the event with several valuable nuggets from Jim Britt's tips on letting go in order to get ahead to the Delaney's relationships success principals.

It was an evening of the highest levels of energy, amazing talks and teachings and awesome performances!"

Cindy Goodson

Benton Harbor, MI

I attended the Self Made Woman Event in Tucson because it was time that I finally did something like that for myself. I was searching for the belief in myself that I had lost years ago. The SMW "Ignite Your Destiny" event touched me more than I had ever expected it to. The positivity and enthusiasm that I was surrounded by at this incredible event was contagious! The result was life changing! The small flickering flame in my soul that I arrived there with, ignited. It turned into a raging determined bonfire refusing to ever become a flickering flame again! The profound impact and messages these speakers had were real, heartfelt, genuine, empowering and inspirational. The laughter, the tears, the cheers, the music, the dancing...it was just too much fun! They touched on so many aspects of what a self made woman is and what is means to be one. It resonates to every single woman out there across the globe. It is about women empowering women in the most positive interpretation that I have ever witnessed!!! I would recommend this event to every woman and man out there. This movement is going to change women's lives. It's going to change men's lives, and the relationships they have with each other, and self made women across the world. It is going to benefit lives in so many ways, and you are going to have a flat out BLAST at the Self Made Woman events!!!

Theresa Hopkins

El Paso, TX

"I was honored to speak at the first ever SMW event. I walked away invigorated and touched by the entire event as well as the other speaker's stories. Cynthia Delaney, Founder of Self Made Woman and dear friend of mine, has assembled some of the best trainers and speakers in the industry to help us grow in every aspect of our lives...spiritually, mentally, physically and in business."

Lauri Lewallen

Jacksonville, FL

I think Self Made Woman is changing everything! This movement is going to shatter glass ceilings that we not only face in society but within our own minds! Lives are already changing and this is the just the beginning! If you have forgotten your dreams, they will be reawakened and achievable! For over a decade this has been a labor of love for Cynthia Delaney, a truly self made woman, supported and lifted by a pair of extraordinary self made warriors, Mr. Bill and Dillon Delaney. "Ignite Your Destiny" lit the fire in everyone that attended and everyone that came in contact with our tribe! The Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resort had not seen the likes of this! "Ignite" was not just a learning experience, it was a social hour event! More like 10 social hours! This weekend was completely raw! The speakers poured into us their experiences and life lessons and showed us how to come out on top! We looked deep into our souls as we were led into transformation! I wanted to bottle every bit of this adventure to take with me! I'm excited about SMW because it is an interactive community building life long relationships. Not only will I be able to pick and choose different topics that I want to focus on in my life, I will be able to do this with the help of our experts! This inner circle will allow us to contribute to the vision of Self Made Woman! Is there any better feeling than being able to help someone else reach their goals while reaching your own? Not for me!​

Michelle Nunez

Tucson, AZ

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