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Ladies, Would You Dare to Dream...

If You Knew You Could Not Fail? 

"Hi, I’m Donna Davis and I’m in awe! The “Ignite Your Dreams” Online experience gave me chills all over my body!

I was a little shy and unsure of myself but something inside me said, I have to meet her! And that’s the day my transformation began. 

It was a warm sunny day in Tucson, Arizona when I first introduced myself to Cynthia Delaney. She was a Keynote speaker at a Live event for entrepreneurs that I was attending in my quest for success. 

Hindsight being 20/20 , I now realize that it was not “skill-set” that was blocking me from success, it was me!

I was “hoping” my life would get better, and I thought I was doing all of the things that I needed to be doing, you know… attending events, honing my skills, watching YouTube videos, studying the gurus but nothing was working because I was not the person I needed to be. 

I was not dreaming because I was trapped in limiting beliefs based on past life experiences. I had failed relationships... I was not fulfilled in my career... I was surrounded by people that didn’t have the same dreams as me...


And I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I forgot to take care of myself. I was beginning to think it was too late for me and my dreams were not going to happen.

Then Cynthia introduced me to “Ignite Your Dreams” and it set me on fire! Suddenly I had clarity... I had actionable steps to transform myself! Now I’m living my purpose, I’m changing lives AND… I’m finally living MY dreams!"


"Ignite Your Dreams" is Transforming Lives!

Pamela Chanel David

“Single-handedly, today’s "Ignite Your Dreams", was the most moving 3 1/2 hours listening to ANYTHING in my life. I am stunned. I am speechless. What Cynthia Delaney has woven together is nothing short of a masterpiece. A symphony. In short, "Ignite Your Dreams" is way to WIN. It is a modern road map for each and every woman, no matter her age, ethnicity or background. The content is impeccable and the delivery even more engaging. I cannot say enough about it. “





Brenda Bingham

After watching "Ignite your Dreams", I began dreaming again. I began telling myself that it is time for me to become a doer of my own words and to finally do what I dreamt about at the age of 19. I told myself it was time for me to dream big and to see myself walking in my destiny. I started a non-profit organization to help women, young adults, and teenagers to heal from pain, anger, abuse, trauma and anything that prevents them from achieving their goals and mission in life. I recommend everyone who stopped dreaming to watch "Ignite your Dreams".

Sherri LaClaire

"I am so moved as I just finished "Ignite your Dreams" online event by Cynthia Delaney for Self Made Woman. I have taken many, many courses in person and online. This without a doubt is a treasure and gift to every woman! Every woman needs to experience this event! I have never seen a better layout or format! The content builds as it goes! I loved how real and authentic this was from start to finish. We as women connect on so many different levels, it made me think, made me cry and made me laugh! I will never be the same in the best of ways! I’m never astonished at the love that Cynthia shares with us in events like this! This exemplary blueprint gives each and every woman who takes to heart this content a brand new start! I thank you Cynthia for all you have done for me, it’s because of your heart with events like “Ignite Your Dreams” that I have grown in immeasurable ways. I’m a woman that will NEVER stop talking about SMW, and this beautiful tribe of women. I will continue to grow and share this amazing platform."


Ladies, it's time to experience the step-by-step actionable strategies that is transforming lives and ignited their dreams. It’s your turn!

  • From Birth to Living Your Dreams, An Epic Self Empowerment Journey like nothing you've ever experienced...

  • Topics, Tips and Resources that focus on reconnecting you with your dreams, the big vision for your life and living your truth...


  • From Authors to Celebrities, from stay at home moms to women in corporate America; their knowledge, skills, tips, resources and connections will Ignite Your Dreams!


  • Be Empowered by Women who are experts in Mindset, Intention, Intuition, 

    Mindfulness, Balance, Strengthening Your Voice, Claiming Your Truth, Knowing You're Worthy, and more...

  • Featuring Women from all backgrounds and life experiences...


  • Actionable Strategies to Ignite Your Dreams...


  • Lifetime Access from the comfort of your home



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